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Important, General Info

Alright, basically this group is dedicated to the lovely Yugioh pairing, Anzu Mazaki(Tea Gardener) x Seto Kaiba. Here we have answers to FAQ's and rules of the club.


How do I join?
  • It's very simple, just click the "Join Our Group" button at the top of the screen and you will automatically become a member. :) I finally fixed it so you should be able to join without it rejecting the request.

Am I required to submit art to the gallery?
  • The answer is no. You will never be required to submit art to our gallery. Now do we want you to submit art? Absolutely. But we will never require or force you to do so. And on that note, if we try to add your art to the gallery but you don't want us to, you can certainly say no.

Do I have to enter contests?
  • Again, the answer is no. You are not required to ever enter a contest. But we prefer as many members as possible try to join.

Can I draw other pairings for the gallery?
  • You can only draw another pairing if Azureshipping is featured in the picture in some way, shape, or form. For example, if you draw Polarshipping and Azureshipping in one picture, that's fine. Or if you want to draw the YamixAnzuxSeto love triangle, that's cool too. But Azureshipping must be featured in all pictures involving other pairings, or we will not accept the image.

Can I draw Seto or Anzu alone?
  • Yes. We have special folders in our gallery for images of Anzu or Seto alone.

Are only images allowed in the gallery?
  • No. We will accept fanfiction if you want to submit it. There is a folder specifically for fanfiction.

Can my group affiliate with yours?
  • Of course! We are always seeking new affiliates!

Are there any limitations on submissions?
  • well, we prefer to keep submissions PG-13 or lower without too much offensive content, but if you place the warning guidelines on the image, we may accept it. In terms of number of submissions, we have no limits

How do I submit art to the gallery?
  • You just select the option to contribute art and select which folder you want to submit your art. Each folder is specific for what types of art to submit, so please pay attention to the folder you submit to.
    1. AzureShipping Fanart Folder - Obviously, submit images of Seto/Anzu as a couple here. Now, we accept all forms of fanart of the pairing, but for things like cosplays and doujinshi pages, we have special folders. So please be aware when you submit.
    2. Azureshipping Doujinshi folder - this is for any comics/doujinshi pages for Azureshipping. This includes one-page doujinshis. Please submit to this folder and not the AzureShipping fanart folder. It keeps the club more organized.
    3. Azureshipping fanfcis folder - ...ok, title explains itself.
    4. Anzu pics and Seto pics folders - These two folders are specifically for pics of Anzu and Seto alone. You can also submit pics of Anzu and Seto with other characters. But NO pairings! Do not submit any form of shippings here, or else the image will be rejected.
    5. Cosplays - Any cosplays of Seto, Anzu, or Seto and Anzu together are to be submitted here.
    6. Contest Entries folder - If you enter the currect contest, the images must be submitted here so they are together for judging.
    7. Featured and Contest Entry Folders - These folders are closed to submissions by members. Only myself or any other admin can add or remove images from these folders. Featured is just a presentation of some lovely fanart we have recieved, and contest winners are winners for out contests.
    8. Along the Way doujinshi folder - This last folder is for :iconcleopatrawolf:'s beautiful Azureshipping doujinshi "Along the Way." It's a really great doujinshi, and this folder has all of her submitted pages thus far in order, so we hope oyu'll take the time to read em.
    9. AzureShipping gifs folder This folder is only for gif images of Azureshipping. So please make sure you distinguish between this one and the Azureshipping fanart folder. Thank you1 :)

Ok, that's it for the gallery submissions. If oyu have any questions, please ask. And please be aware of where oyur art is being submitted. Thanks, guys. :)

If you ever have anymore questions, you can send us a note or drop a comment and we will try to answer the question as quickly as possible.


Rules and Guidelines

  • NO bashing of any kind, be it to the pairing, the characters, or to any members.
  • No flames. If you can't say something positive, then don't waste time with comments. They will be removed and if you flame too much, you will be banned. Simple as that.
  • Only Azureshipping artwork will be accepted in the gallery. If you wanna combine it with another pairing, that's fine, or if oyu draw Seto or Anzu alone. But no other pairings will be accepted.
  • If your administrator and/or co-moderators (aka co-founders) tell you something, you must adhere to it. We come up with rules for a reason and if we feel something is wrong, we will step in. It only makes things worse if you mouth off or don't listen.
  • Respect all other members.

And that should pretty much cover it, except for the number one rules of all...HAVE FUN! :D

So thank you guys, enjoy the group.

Group Info

We are dedicated to the Yugioh pairing, Azureshipping (Seto Kaiba x Anzu Mazaki/Tea Gardner) If you love this pairing, then this is the group for you.
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This is it! And Seto is up against Kyoya from Ouran High School Host Club, so this round will be rough.

Please show him support and vote for him! you can vote as much as you want until October 31st…
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Ok, welcome to the AzureShipping club.

Please don't be shy to join and we hope all of our memebers will contribute art and favorites to the club. ^^

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or any of my co-founders.







Other groups we are affiliated with. ^^ Please check em out. There's lots of amazing groups here.

we're always looking for more groups to affiliate with, so don't be shy! :D


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SaiyanWarrior002 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014
Is it just me or there've been no new entries the past months? I know I've submitted stuff but nothing's been added.
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Here's one for Tea/Anzu and Kaiba. :D <3
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Pinkponyfan Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013
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Hey regarding the contest we may have, I can be a prize donor. I can give like 30 or so points to whoever comes in like 3rd or so. Also will Fanfiction and stories be accepted as well or will there be separate categories?
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we'll accept fanfiction and it will depend on how many entries we get
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